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Why do the floors feel different?

Our floors are made of poured rubber, rather than concrete or tile. Primary benefits include greater safety in the case of a fall, and better mobility for wheelchairs–but you will find that this low-shock surface also absorbs more of the impact associated with walking or running, helps to prevent slipping, and reduces ambient noise.

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Just as there are many different kinds of people but one YMCA community, there are also many ways for you to participate. Become a member, volunteer your time, support a specific program or donate charitably to the Stephens Family YMCA–and you are joining with us in our commitment to help our families and our community grow strong.

Membership rates, volunteering information, and financial assistance along with contact information for giving, are available in the program guide under “Get Involved at the YMCA.”

Financial Assistance

Thank you for your interest in the Stephens Family YMCA where our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. In support of our mission, we offer a financial assistance program that lends support to families and individuals with low income and/or extenuating circumstances so they may have the opportunity to participate in membership and programs at the Y.

An Application may be downloaded by clicking below or obtained at our facility at 2501 Fields South Drive, Champaign.

NOTE: Only complete applications with income documentation attached will be reviewed within 10-14 business days. Incomplete applications are immediately returned to the applicant.