Please be courteous to other members and cancel any reservations that will not be used.

Safety Around Water Tips & Activities: Part 1

Safety Around Water Tips & Activities: Part 2

Safety Around Water Tips & Activities: Part 3

Safety Around Water Tips & Activities: Part 4

All Pools Are Open!
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  • Participants must be at least 16-years of age in order to utilize the pools during this time.
  • Members must sign up for their swim time. Registration for swim time slots opens 72 hours prior to scheduled time and closes 8-hours prior to start.
  • Member can only sign up for one time slot each day.
  • Once swimming is complete, swimmers will be asked to leave the pool area promptly to allow our staff to deep clean and prepare for the next hour’s swimmers. No one will be permitted to change into dry clothes on the pool deck.
  • Upon entry to our facility, participants will have their swim time registration confirmed, have their temperatures checked and asked whether they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If participant does have symptoms, they should wait to visit the YMCA until they have had no fever for at least 72 hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least 10 days have passed since their first symptoms appeared.
  • Participants must wear masks and comply with social distancing guidelines prior to and after swimming. Participants will need to provide their own masks.
  • Water fountains will not be available for participant use. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a bottle of water filled from home.
  • Participants will not be permitted to share equipment with other participants.

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Mostly water.


Our planet. Our bodies. Our food and drink.

Considering how many important things in our lives are “mostly water,” it’s not all that surprising how special we think it is. For generations, the YMCA has been known as America’s place for water recreation and education, and the Stephens Family YMCA is no exception. In fact, we’ve taken it to a whole new level–with three different pools to meet different needs, water therapy and fitness classes, and a fundamental commitment to equal access for every member of our community.

Everybody in the pool!