Aqua Fitness

Ready. Set. Wet!
  • Aqua Fitness is a great alternative, or addition, to land exercise. It is appropriate for all fitness levels. According to the American Council on Exercise, water buoyancy reduces the "weight" of a person to 90 percent. This reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles. Water aerobics also increases muscle strength. Instead of weights, the water provides a natural resistance to your movements. Being in the water also increases your lung capacity since your lungs are forced to work harder from the pressure of the water. Your long-term flexibility may be increased by performing difficult stretches, being underwater gives you a wider-range of motion.


  • All aqua fitness classes are co-ed, drop in classes, and included in your membership.
  • Schedules are posted on-line at and on the pool deck.
  • The aqua fitness and swim lesson schedules run concurrently.
  • Class genre and/or teacher substitute is subject to change. All changes are posted daily on white board.
  • All classes utilize music to help motivate you through a full-body workout: strength, flexibility, cardovascular fitness.
  • Instructors teach from the deck and/or the water.


  • Aqua shoes are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Resistance equipment is provided.
  • Floatation belts are provided.
  • Swimming ability is not required, but participants need to be comfortable in water.
  • If you have any special needs, please inform the instructor and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Always bring a plastic water bottle to class.
  • Lockers are available in locker room for personal items; bring your own lock.
  • Class participants must be 14 years or older.
  • No cell phones on pool deck or in locker room.