Aqua Fitness

Ready. Set. Wet!

Aqua Fitness has extraordinary effects on your overall health. It is a great alternative, or addition to land exercise classes; no swimming skills are required. Our Aqua Fitness program has something to offer everyone.

“NO IMPACT” CLASSES in Therapy Pool
Aqua Arthritis follows the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program, providing exercises that have been scientifically evaluated and specific for those with arthritis and related diseases. Participants may improve range of motion, muscular strength and endurance, balance control, and enjoy socializing. Level I is a 45-minute class. Level II is a 60-minute class that might minimally increase the heart rate and may use water fitness equipment.
 Aqua Tai Chi & More begins with the 45 minutes of Aqua Arthritis programming and ends with 15 minutes of Aqua Tai Chi; Tai Chi is a choreographed routine focusing on the principles of balance and strength. The entire class focuses on health, relaxation, an overall wellbeing.
 Aqua Yoga is a super, no impact class for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.  This 1-hour class makes it possible for participants to stretch, flex, and improve range of motion.

10:15am Monday-Friday classes offers something FOR ALL.  M/W/F class gathers in the Family Pool for exercises using the water’s resistance and other equipment for an energetic cardio and strength workout, with little impact on the joints. T/Th class gathers in the Therapy Pool for exercises to stretch and strength the entire body.


Aqua Aerobics scheduled in the evenings and on Saturday mornings.  Come enhance your personal fitness goals and shake off the stressors of your week.  A variety of instructors and different equipment make each class fun, motivating, and a real calorie burner.

Aqua Tone class offers fitness at moderate intensity. Exercises work to improve muscle tone, are posture promoting, and enhance day-to-day performance more efficiently. All exercises have modifications to accommodate.

Functional Fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks. Classes designed to simulate common movements done at home, at work, or at play.  Using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability. This is a dynamic, lively, fun-filled class!


Aqua Fitness classes are our mid-morning, hi-intensity workouts.  All classes designed to improve cardiovascular condition and improve muscular strength and tone. Get your heart rate up and your bodies moving as you work out to lively music!

Aqua Boot Camp is one of our early-riser classes, designed to be a step higher than the average, water fitness class.  It is fast-paced, consisting of exercises that will challenge your muscles and cardio strength, plus burn lots of calories.  Join the fun; modifications given throughout the class.

Aqua HIIT & Power Hour two early-riser, hi-intensity, shallow water classes. Each begins with active warm up; proceeds through fun, fast-paced circuits, Tabata sets, and strength training exercises for a total-body workout.  All classes end warming down and stretching out; the Y way to start your day.

Total Body Workout/Deep Water …let’s go to the deepest end of the pool for fitness training.  You are sure to improve your cardio-vascular conditioning, as well as total body muscular strength and endurance in this motivating, exhilarating, hi-intensity, no-impact, athletic approach class.  Swimming is not required but participants must be comfortable in deep water.  Floatation belts provided and used in this class. No swimming or submerging during class.

  • All aquatic classes are co-ed, drop in and included in your membership; class participants must be at least 14 years old.
  • Swimming ability is not required, but participants need to be comfortable in water.
  • If you have any special needs, please inform the instructor and they will be happy to assist you. 
  • Schedules are posted on-line at and on the mobile app
  • Class genre and/or instructor are subject to change; changes are posted daily on whiteboard in the hallway.
  • Most classes utilize music. Instructors teach from the deck and/ or in the water. Instructors may use a waterproof microphone.
  • Aqua shoes are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Floatation belts and resistance equipment, such as noodles, happy discs, dumbbells, and kickboards are provided. 
  • Always bring water to class in an unbreakable, sealed water bottle.
  • Lockers are available in locker rooms for daily use for personal items; bring your own lock.
  • No cell phones are to be used in locker room or on the pool deck.
  • Aqua shoes are not required, but highly recommended.
  • Resistance equipment is provided.
  • Floatation belts are provided.
  • Swimming ability is not required, but participants need to be comfortable in water.
  • If you have any special needs, please inform the instructor and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Always bring a plastic water bottle to class.
  • Lockers are available in locker room for personal items; bring your own lock.
  • Class participants must be 14 years or older.