FIT FOR FALL Y'ALL - Testimonials Aqua Fitness

Jason's Testimony

The aqua fitness classes at the Y have impacted my life in a variety of ways. I now look forward exercising.
The instructors have been fantastic at creating a culture of encouragement and engagement. This is part of the reason I crawl out bed to show up for a 6 AM class most weekdays.
I have found that the water classes have helped me reach my fitness goals including weight loss, increased flexibility and improved balance.
By doing high intensity and deep water classes my cardio fitness has increased.
I find that I can also manage my stress a little bit better too. I enjoy the friendships and accountability of my classmates.
Especially on the cold dark mornings when it’s difficult to leave the warmth of my bed, I know if I don’t show up someone will care enough to ask "where were you yesterday?”
Aqua fitness is now part of my healthy lifestyle routine and I am so thankful that our Y offers so many Aqua fitness classes to fit my schedule.

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