Child Watch

Child watch is a complimentry service offered to YMCA members. You can leave your child with us for up to 2 hours while you workout or just relax. Child Watch offers a Family Adventure Room, Childwatch Toddler room and a quiet baby room.

Mon - Fri 7:30-1:00pm & 3:30-8:00pm
Sat - 7:30am-4:00pm
Sun - 1:30pm-5:45pm

* Children 6 weeks old-9 years old

* No diaper changes or food

Free to members with a Household or Single Parent Family Memberships. All other members must pay a guest pass fee.

We are working to become more consistent with our guidelines and reduce the overlap of ages between rooms, therefore we will be strictly enforcing that Child Watch only goes through age 9. The Tween Room ages are 7-9 years old and only be used when available and if there are at least 5 children of age at a time.

If your child is in need of modification or adaptation in child watch and meets the age requirements, please contact to discuss options.

Children ages 10 and up are welcome to be in the lobby, basketball courts, swimming pool or what will now be known as “The Y Hangout” (formerly the Teen Center). The Y Hangout Rules

• Ages 10 and up

• 9 and under must be accompanied by parent or guardian • Please keep the room clean

• Respect peers, staff and equipment Supervised: Monday-Friday 3:307:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 1:00-4:00pm