Child Watch

Covid-19 update: 

(Children over 4+ will be asked to wear masks)

  • Child watch is available to members beginning on July 6th. 1 hour limit per family/day. Teen room/Y hangout is not available at this time, but we will have a place for older children to hang out.
  • Child Watch hours will be Monday-Saturday 7:15-11:30am, MondayFriday 4pm-7pm, and Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm.
  • We will allow children ages 6 weeks-10 years old. We will also have room for a limited number of 11-15 year olds at any one time.
  • Child Watch will utilize the YMCA’s community room as an “overflow” space.
  • Capacity of Child Watch is
  1. Child Watch room-(South)-15 children at a time
  2. Community room-15 children at a time
  3. Child Watch room-(North)-up to 5 children ages 11-15 at a time
  4. Baby Room-8 children at a time

***Child Watch is first come/first served at this time. If our capacity is met, your son/daughter will NOT be allowed to come into Child Watch. Also, if you get a reservation in a GF class, the wellness area, or a lane in the pool, you will not be guaranteed a space in Child Watch***