Check out Lou Henson using our ADA chair! Special Events

This week, University of Illinois Hall-of-Fame coach, Lou Henson took the inaugural ride in our new ADA approved pool lift. He let us join him during his entire Tuesday morning workout and was obliged to let us photograph his entry and exit from the pool using the lift as well as his lap work out. When asked his thoughts on the lift, Coach Henson responded, "It was fun." As for his workout, he commented, "I had a good time and a gret swim; better than usual."

At Stephens Family, our facilities are designed to ensure people of all ages and abilities can enjoy and benefit from participation in our programs, classes, and camps. Our pools are 100% ADA compliant, each providing an accessible means of entry via pool lifts. 

For more information regarding our aquatics programming, contact Alyssa Freeman, Aquatics Director at 217-239-2814 For more information regarding ADA standard for compliance, visit 

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